Custom Dissertations Online – A Solution for Graduate Students?

You’re stressed. You’re tired. You procrastinate all day and pick at your keyboard all night, trying to coax out a few words before you lapse into restless sleep. The work is slow and deadlines are looming. What’s a graduate student to do? Ordering custom dissertations online is one possible solution to the strain on graduate students, but as with any quick fix, there are advantages and downsides. If you’re thinking about purchasing a custom dissertation on the Internet, take some time to consider the pros and cons:


  • More time to enjoy your life. Whether you’re a hopeful student in your 20s, a professional getting higher education at the request of your employer, or a desperate middle-aged worker struggling to find work without graduate credentials, you have a lot of things on the go. Hiring a professional to take on the grueling task of writing a thesis means more time to exercise, play with your kids, read some good books, focus on graduate coursework, earn money at a job, travel and pursue your hobbies.
  • It evens out the language gap. If you’re an ESL student, or a native English speaker who struggles with writing, being evaluated by your thesis puts you at a huge disadvantage. No matter how brilliant you are at calculating, analyzing and researching, your sub-par writing skills will put you behind your more literally advantaged peers. By hiring a professional to convey your thoughts for you, you can be properly recognized for your talents.
  • Cons:

  • Quality costs money. Shorter thesis at an master’s level are fairly affordable, but ordering a full-length PhD thesis can be a significant expenditure. The costs of tuition, books and housing, coupled with the difficulty of working while earning a graduate degree, means that people who order their dissertations need to place a high value on their time.
  • Scams do exist. Duping graduate students with scam websites and cheap, outsourced writers who don’t speak much English turns a profit, and so you can be sure that people will keep doing it. There are reasonable steps you can take to be sure you don’t fall victim to fraud, but people do get tricked occasionally.
  • It’s ethically dubious. Universities tend to pride themselves on academic honesty, so presenting a purchased thesis as your own work flies in the face of the university’s values. Handing in a good-quality custom dissertation is unlikely to raise any suspicions from your advisor, but you will have to live with the knowledge that you didn’t quite earn your graduate degree.