Writing A Dissertation Paper: Who Is Your Audience?

Understanding your audience when you write your dissertation is important. It will be a significant factor that plays a role in what kind of data you collect during your research. It helps you understand how to present your findings so they know the significance of it. Your audience can be anyone from a group of people the research is based on to your instructor who will give you your final grade or review of what you completed.

The Right Content Speaks to Your Audience

When you know your audience it makes it easier to write your concepts and thoughts on paper. If you are writing for your instructor you may be leaning more toward presenting factual details to add credibility to your content. For a more broad audience, you may look to do the same thing but your data may be more inclusive with statistics, pictures or other visual pieces of information to provide additional clarity on the topic. Your data will work to communicate to your audience on your behalf, so you should consider your sources carefully and how you word your content.

Knowing the Audience May Simplify Research and Writing

Your audience may help you determine how to research and write your content. In many cases you will write for your instructor, but if you intend on having other people review your findings this is where the pressure builds. Depending on your topic, your audience may include people who are directly related to it or have a significant connection with it. You may end up presenting your findings to this group of people directly, so it is important to understand what data is needed and how to present it an effective manner.

The Audience Intended Should Help Guide You

This is another important aspect to consider in your writing. You may be advised to use certain words or to avoid specific phrases to help you reading audience follow the content. You may need to pay close attention to how you present certain concepts or thoughts without being offensive, complex, or over the top. You want to present your findings in a clear, concise and solid manner to ensure the overall message from your research is understood. It helps to proofread and revise your content when you have completed your writing. You can access the quality of the content and make sure it is suitable for the intended audience.