How to write a critique of a research article?

Often times in college you will need to critique a research article, but many people don't know where to begin. Critiquing a research article is a bit unnerving for some because the author of the article has done all of the research already and quoted or cited sources. Don't let this deter you or make you worry, though. There are a few ways to write a critique of a research paper that will help you when you have to write one.

Take notes and counter-research

Before you begin writing your critique take notes of the points made in the research article you are critiquing. Jot down anything you wish to verify or that stands out to you, then do your own research to determine if the original research is sound. If the claims in the article are sound, but there are countering points, always mention those. If the research is not sound, list why.

Start with the critiqued work.

Always tell the reader about the work you are critiquing. Tell your audience the name of the article, the author, when and where it was published, and give a summary of the article. If you have a certain take or thought about the article, use this as your opening and your thesis statement. Make your statement about the article interesting or shocking to draw your audience in.

Make your argument.

If the article you are critiquing has five points and you disagree with all five, then your paper should have five points. If it has five points and you only disagree with three, then your paper should have three dissenting points and one that sums up why you agree with the original article. List the things you disagree with first, and always have facts to back up your points. A critique of a research paper should have as much research as the original article.

Always have a sound conclusion.

Never leave off a conclusion. The conclusion should nicely wrap up the points and not introduce any new points. Use this as the time to reinforce your critique of the article.

When critiquing a research article, take notes, do your own research, go point by point of the original article, and always tell the audience what work you are critiquing. Writing a critique of a research article doesn't have to be a scary thing if you know how to properly research and organize your points.