20 Tips And Ideas For Creating A Successful Marketing Or Management Dissertation

Tips on writing your dissertation:

  1. Start way ahead of time, leaving no delays between starting, planning, and writing your dissertation.
  2. Spend weeks on the planning as this will ease the writing process. Planning should include a thorough outline, methods of research, and topic selection.
  3. Allocate specific times to the assignment and stick to those times religiously.
  4. Get a great topic by visiting the ‘Ideas’ section of this blog below.
  5. Line up at least 5 interviews in your research plan and gather the necessary contact details for each one.
  6. Prepare literature for review purposes and get clued up on how to compile a proper literature review.
  7. Get all your stats ready so that they can be used where needed.
  8. Write a little bit of content every day—even if it’s just a paragraph.
  9. Get a good sample dissertation on a similar topic from a reputable company.
  10. Learn some anti-procrastination techniques and write them down. Keep them close to your desk.

Ideas on how to come up with a great topic:

  1. Spend an entire day thinking about your topic and write down your considerations.
  2. Read at least 20 marketing blogs and keep 5 of the best ones on file for future reference.
  3. Get videos that pertain to your topic downloaded and ready to view.
  4. Get suggestions from business news sites and write some good ones down. Tweak them to fit into the direction you want to take with your dissertation.
  5. See what other dissertations about marketing and management are out there and determine to be different in your topic.
  6. Use stats to form a relevant topic that can be expanded upon.
  7. Get another outlook from someone who is not familiar with the subject. Ask them what they would want to read about if they were to pick up a marketing or management paper. Use their suggestion and spice it up for a topic.
  8. Use your sample dissertation as inspiration for a good topic.
  9. Balance your topic according to how much you can research and how much is available on the subject.
  10. Be clear about what you are contributing to the reader. Promise him or her that you will answer a pertinent question or give helpful advice on the subject.