Where To Look For A Free Dissertation Sample

Reading over the work of your fellow students and scholars can help inspire you to come up with a great topic for a research paper, thesis or dissertation. It can also give you ideas on how to better organize your own thoughts, and alternative ways of structuring your work.

There are many websites that offer paid access to dissertation samples, writing and editing services. There are also some free sites that give you the opportunity to read over dissertation samples. and offer topic and style suggestions. A dissertation is a major undertaking that can take several years to complete. Sometimes, it is helpful to read over other students' experiences for inspiration.

Don't worry! There are times in everyone's academic career where they feel overwhelmed and are on the verge of giving up. Reading other dissertation samples will make you realize that if you are feeling discouraged, it will pass. You can complete a great work! Here are some ideas for where to look for free samples of other dissertations.

Go Online And Google It!

There are hundreds of different websites (many free) that offer students the opportunity to share and read completed dissertations. Of particular use are online databases that provide access to dissertations as well as summaries of the works and abstracts. Some of these databases contain scholarly work that dates back to the 1600s!

Try searching for “dissertation abstracts” or “free dissertations and theses”. You are guaranteed to be supplied with hundreds of options for reading free online dissertations. Many university and research institutes will grant you free access to previously published dissertations and theses from all over the world.

Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help

If your field of study is a narrow one, or one where new ground is being broken, you may need to dig a little deeper to come up with relevant samples of other scholars work. Ask your course supervisor and other members of your faculty for ideas. Even the staff at your university library may be able to access, or help you access, works that are not easily available.

Some paid dissertation sites will allow you partial access to their databases. You may be required to sign up for a newsletter or “trial subscription”, but there is often no long term commitment required. The same goes for online essay writing companies and services. They may offer you free access to tens of thousands of previously completed dissertations in the hope that you will hire them to help with your own work.