How to Write An Accounting Dissertation

Basic Format of Accounting Dissertation

On the cover page of your accounting dissertation, you must have the title page, your name, the title of the college department, the names of those on the dissertation and the date of completion. After you type this you should type a table of contents that have the names of the chapters, subtopics, and additional information on your accounting topic. The dissertation should include a one-page summary and a statement that has the research question which the dissertation  will answer. Other components of the accounting dissertation include your methodology, conceptual framework and the literature that you will review in the dissertation.

How to Choose An Accounting Dissertation Topic

Write a list of accounting topics that you studied throughout the doctoral program and from that list pick out five main topics that interest you the most. For example, if you specialized in nonprofit finance while in the program, you can create a unique dissertation topic based on this subject. In a dissertation you are to come up with a unique topic. It is also a good idea to read additional books on accounting as well as the required textbooks because your dissertation is like the first few chapters of a book and you want to be well-researched in your topic. Get help from your dissertation advisor but you should still do a majority of the planning yourself. Finally, you would prepare the dissertation proposal to present to the committee.

Accounting Dissertation Topic Ideas

One topic you can write about how is how unethical practices in corporate finance cause economic instability in a nation and what the best recovery strategies are when the instability occurs. Another idea is to write about whether today's accounting programs in colleges are adequately preparing students for an accounting career and if not, what strategies should be used to ensure that collegiate accounting programs are preparing the students in light of a different economy in our world.

Be Ethical in The Accounting Dissertation

Plagiarism spells death for a dissertation so when you write it, you must include attribution to the original authors of your research materials throughout the paper and never write lengthy word-for-word passages from other authors. Your dissertation must always have a works cited page and if necessary, seek permission from the original author before including his comments or text in your paper.