A Proofread Sample of Literature Review for a Dissertation –
Where to Look For One

Getting your literature review done for your dissertation is a painful task. You’ve spent so long writing your thesis that you simply want to end it, close the books, and move on. But the literature review is just as important as every other part of the thesis. Sometimes, however, the struggle is just too much. If that sounds like you then you could do with a few examples to get you on the right path. Here’s how to find the right ones.

  • Check the forums
  • Search Educational Sites
  • Get Help from Previous students

Check the Forums

The first thing you should do when looking for a good example is to hop online and check out the forums. These days the internet provides us with so much freedom to talk to people across the country, and the world. You might be surprised at how many of us struggle with the very same issues. If you are trying to find a good proofread literature review, then chances are someone else has had the same idea. Get onto a forum on your topic, or one that connects students, or even a general forum on papers and dissertations, and see if anyone has any examples.

Search Educational Sites

A lot of colleges and universities have their own websites. Most of the time theses colleges and universities have PDFs and essays online that deal with a wide variety of issues. You can look for examples of literary reviews and find previous students’ own work. Use these essays to help you. They’re posted on behalf of the university, so you can definitely trust them. If they’re bad essays, the topic will let you know that these are examples of what you should not do. Also, sometimes you can learn more from seeing what others did wrong than seeing what they did right.

Get Help from Previous Students

Don’t be shy. Find an alumni or someone who’s done the work before. Ask them to show you how they did it, just as an example. Offer to buy them a coffee and sit down for a chat. You never know what they have to say, and they might even have pointers for you. We’re so caught up with the internet these days that sometimes we forget that there are real human beings in the same building as us. So find out who did what, and ask for advice.