Lung Cancer Research Paper: Making a Good Project

When you’re working on a research paper, it can seem to take over everything else in your life. Since it demands a lot of research and attention to detail, it can get overwhelming trying to balance your work on this paper with everything else. Students already have so much to deal with, that a paper can be one more headache. If you want to avoid that and still get a good mark on your paper, it’s crucial that you have a plan. Preparing for what you need to do for each step of this project will make everything flow more smoothly and take up less of your time.

How to Organize Your Research Paper

The first thing you need to do is make a list of what to do based on your teacher’s instructions. Make sure you include everything. This will be your foundation. Making a solid base for your paper will ensure everything fits into its place.

After that, you can start your outline. Even for those of you that never write outlines, trust me that it’ll save you a lot of time. Just take a piece of paper or a new document on your computer to start. Have a section for each part of your paper, like introduction, arguments or body paragraphs, conclusion and anything else you need. Then you can go to fill in each one with relevant sources, notes, and other things.

Once you have that information, start your research. This is where you’ll look up whatever you need to know about lung cancer, its causes, cures, peoples’ opinions on various aspects of it, what it’s like living with lung cancer, etc. You can do this research many ways. Most students find it helpful to both use a physical library and the internet. Just be careful that your internet sources are checked for validity.

Writing a Good Research Paper

Now that you have your outline and research done, it’s time for the writing. Since you already have an outline of where each piece of research goes, you can just write in between quotes to fill it in. join each idea with an appropriate conclusion from your general knowledge of lung cancer. After all the work you’ve done, this should be the easiest part. Hopefully at this point you’re organized enough that the editing and formatting takes less time than you expected.