Dissertations online: who writes all the samples?

If you are interested in completing your dissertation in a timely fashion, in a manner that lines up with your committee’s expectations, reviewing a sample dissertation is the best thing you can do. There are many advantages to reviewing sample dissertations that should be considered. Generally speaking, reviewing a dissertation sample (or several samples) will result in tidier, better organized, better written work, and often cuts down on the amount of time it actually takes to complete the dissertation.

The internet happens to have many sources for sample dissertations, some of which are free, and many of which are paid on either an essay-by-essay, an hourly, or an all-access basis. This may lead you to wonder: where do all these sample dissertations come from? Here is a guide that should help explain their origins.

Former Graduate Students

Many graduate students find that they can make a living working on sample dissertations after they have actually completed their PhD or Master’s degrees. In this way, many of the people who write all the sample dissertations are in fact people who once used samples as a template for their own academic works.

Graduate students and former graduate students are exemplary writers of sample dissertations, because they are highly trained academic writers with experience with the format and with working on projects of such a large scope. Usually, a graduate student is very sick of working on their dissertation by the time they have graduated, but after a few months or a few years they are often left missing the work. This leads many recent PhDs, MA, and MS students to embark on a part-time or full-time career writing samples.

Professional Writers

Another group of people that devotes a lot of time to writing sample dissertations is professional writers, especially ones who have some academic experience in their past. While dissertations are very different from mainstream publications such as newspapers, magazines, or novels, good writing is good writing, and if someone is an accomplished writer in one form, the odds are high that they are excellent in the other form as well.

Academic dissertation writing is a great sideline for published and successful authors. It gives the writers a chance to challenge their brain and an opportunity to write in depth about something new. For these reasons, many dissertation samples are written by professionals.

Current Graduate Students

Finally, some current graduate students write sample dissertations. The reason is simple: they are familiar with the format and the pay is decent. What’s more, the work is challenging but exciting, and it gives them an excuse to procrastinate on their own dissertation work!