Who Can Proofread Your PhD Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is a huge job, and it will take up a lot of your time. After you’ve done all the writing and research, you just want to be finished, right? Well, editing is actually more important than you think, and your first draft probably stinks more than you know. When you’re past all the bulk of the work and just at the end for final changes, resist the temptation to rush through it. Even though it’s been a long journey so far and you might be frustrated or stressed out about everything you’ve had to do already, bear with me and read the rest of this page.

Finding an Editor for your Dissertation

If you’re specifically looking for a proof reader, answer me this: have you had your dissertation edited yet? Even though proofreading is also very important, you might want to save that until after you’ve finished your edits. There might be things you need to add or change while you edit, and then those parts would not be proofread if you had already done your proofreading.

Get someone else, a student or family member, to read your dissertation and give you their opinion. This will be invaluable to you because they have a fresh point of view and aren’t as close to the work as you are. Take their advice in changes that need to be made and then go over it again with another person if you can; the more the better.

Finding a Proof reader for a Dissertation

Now that you’re ready, it’s time to search online for someone to proofread your dissertation. Finding a proof reader online is a matter of what you want. Looking for the benefits you get from one will help you decide which services are worth your time and which are only out to take your money. You can do this by finding out if they have:

  • Native English speaking proof readers
  • The ability to meet any deadline
  • Being able to choose which person you work with
  • Past customer reviews that are happy with their finished project
  • A no-plagiarism policy
  • Being able to answer your questions form a 24/7 customer service online
  • Skilled at catching errors and fixing mistakes
  • Knowledge about dissertations and expected style

That’s everything you need to find a good, trustworthy person to proofread your dissertation. After all your hard work, you really need to have a spotless manuscript.