A List of Good Business Dissertation Topics to Consider

When thinking of dissertation topics you need to try and choose wisely on what you want to write about. Sometimes ideas come to you easily but there are times when it requires more thought into it, and you can sometimes get lost or confused about what to use as a thesis. Here are some helpful tips that may jump-start your brain in order to write a successful essay.

Dissertation Topics to Consider

  • The first topic that can be done is Business, Government and society that deals with a number of things. One topic that can be stressed on is the case of Shell in the Niger Delta, which deals with the assessment of the suggestions of societal awareness of corporate influence in deciding governmental decision-making affairs.
  • Another topic is Organizational Leadership, which can sometimes ask the question, do organizations need to focus on recognizing leadership from management in order to attain successful overall corporate strategies?
  • A good thesis that can be worked on is Organizational behavior. Organizational behavior taps into the investigation of employee understanding of women's adoption of stereotypically male leadership styles in traditionally male ruled organizational positions in the 21st century
  • If you do your research right, you can find plenty on Project Management, which focuses on a number of things. Change management, project management, and intervention, to name one, is a study of Banco Santander internationalization banking ventures
  • A great essay to write is one on Innovation Entrepreneurship in which a dissertation can be done on the case study of Amazon.com that dealt with an exploration of cooperation between innovation and entrepreneurship in institutional development in the E-commerce industry.
  • Try your hand at a dissertation on Enterprise Risk Management, which involves a consideration of risk management, configuration management, and change management as a combined structure for delivery of an IT security in organizational operations. It also deals with an examination of risk management in senior management decisions as handled in the case study of French banks
  • If you do your research right then, you should find something on International Human Resource Management. This term deals with averaging out the influence of cultural on relationships between calculated human resources management practices, motivation and Organisation performance as in the case study of multinational corporations in Kenya

Once you do your homework and settle on a thesis, then the rest should come easily.