Dissertation Writing Help – a Checklist for the First-Timers 

Are you in the freshman year or your academic career? Does the task of writing your dissertation seem too daunting an endeavor? Don’t get frustrated! Keep to the following checklist, be sure to cover each of the items mentioned, and you’ll have your dissertation completed and ready for successful defense.

  • Review literature sources.
  • This is the very first thing you should do to be effective. Look through as many materials as you can. You will know different views on the subject of your research, and which of the aspects haven’t been completely explored.

  • Choose only high-value materials to base your paper on.
  • Discard the articles of questionable origin or written by unknown authors. Appeal only to the reliable sources and works by respected scholars. To be on the safe side, check with your advisor to find out which of the materials obtained are of high scientific value, and can be trusted.

  • List the points that should be included in your dissertation.
  • The list will look like: problem statement, methods, scientific hypotheses, etc. Decide what exactly you are going to write about in every point. Define the sources to be used in every position.

  • Look for samples.
  • With strong dissertation examples, you will have half the job done. The proofread samples are usually available in the university library or from your faculty; you may also ask your advisor for the good samples, or seek them online. Now you will know what a good introduction looks like, and how to properly represent your problem statement.

  • Write every day.
  • Let each day be devoted to at least one position on your list. Do not be too demanding of your work. You’ll edit your paper later. For now, try to write down all the ideas you have on the issue.

  • Regularly save your writing.
  • Did you complete an introduction or half of a chapter today? Save it immediately! And save it in at least three different places (CD, flash drive, computer, etc.). What is more dispiriting than having part of your paper lost because of some computer failure?

  • Have somebody who will push you forward.
  • It often happens that you find yourself stuck at some point. Go to your advisor and ask him or her for help. Consult with your peers and find out who else is struggling with their dissertations. It can also be very helpful to organize writing groups. Thus, your competitive spirit will make you move forward.