A List of Unique Project Management Dissertation Topics to Consider

Selecting a topic for a project management themed dissertation marks the culmination of many days of studying and effort. So, when you are approaching this final task and considering the topic for you, try any one of these unique topics to use for your dissertation and you will have the final coup de grace of your educational experience.

  1. Project management software tools advantages and limitations within the project management world – There are several project management software tools available on the market that attempt to combine all the aspects of project management into one convenient location. However, unless you understand the base assumptions of how to fully use these tools they can limit their effectiveness when managing a project.
  2. Discuss the criticality of implementing risk mitigation planning early in a project – Many project managers forget to account for risk mitigation strategies when they are developing the budget for their projects. Discuss case studies on the risks of not including this key aspect of every project early on in the planning process.
  3. Critical path schedule optimization – Review the critical path schedule optimization strategy that project managers can utilize when putting a project schedule in place. Show benefits to the overall project when bottlenecks are identified early on and critical path optimization is used.
  4. Project management history in industry – While project management roles have always been a part of any project the development of the project management job function is more recent. Discuss the history and evolution of this job within multiple industries and how professionals have come to rely on this role within their businesses to be successful.
  5. A philosophical look at triple constraints – Project management is based on the philosophy of correctly managing the triple constraints within a program. Schedule, scope and budget drive all aspects of the project development but is it truly that simple or are there other aspects that are involved that will influence these three critical areas.
  6. Case studies in project management successes – Early in the evolution of project management as a career, there were several key successes that launched this role to the forefront of major businesses.

When you are looking for a unique project management dissertation topic then look no further than these four topics and you will be poised for success in any dissertation assignment you are required to complete for your degree.