Dissertation Topics On Social Media: 20 Outstanding Ideas

As a PhD student, you are getting ready to write your dissertation on social media and at a loss on what topic to research and write about. This can be really frustrating, especially considering that you can’t settle for just any topic. The topic you choose for your paper should be such that you can initiate a compelling argument on and draw your target readers’ interest at the same time. There is every possibility that a lot of other students, both present and past, may have written academic papers on the a whole lot of topics but you can still give a remarkable and positive twist to an already existing topic.

If you are still not inspired to start writing on any topic for your dissertation, here are a few outstanding ideas so you can get started right away. They are:

  • How to build an effective sharing outlet through social media
  • Several ways in which a good combination of technology and social media can impact on your business
  • Working towards determining your target audience on social media
  • Effective ways of building viewership on a platform
  • Some of the most useful tools on social media outlets
  • Effective means of driving traffic to your business website through social media
  • Technology – a vital tool for social workers
  • Strong and interesting examples of effective utilization of social media and technology
  • Combining social media and technology – first things first
  • Employee policies and social media – balancing the risks
  • Professional athletes – ways through which social media can make or mar their career
  • Impact of social media on your relationship with your friends and family
  • Social media versus traditional media – the pros and cons
  • The top 10 secrets to social media marketing success
  • Achieving success with social media campaigns – the dos and don’ts
  • The importance of certain apps in social media marketing
  • Social media – predictions for the future
  • Top 20 interesting facts you should know about Facebook
  • Vital tips on writing compelling headlines for social media campaigns
  • 10 reasons why you could lose your job through the use of social media

Now do you still think you are out of fresh ideas on dissertation topics on social media? I don’t think so. Get started with any of the topics and you are sure to end up with a very interesting paper on social media.