Dissertation Proposal Topics

There are millions of students around the world that face writing a dissertation. And for a lot of them, this is an intimidating prospect. They don’t know where to start, how to say what they want to say, how to organize their research, or how to even just decide on a topic.

Generate a list of the top 5 dissertation proposal topics for your field of interest

Once you have made a list of 5 proposal topics to choose from, your final choice will be much easier. Look online for ideas, ask your advisor, or consult DissertationTeam, a professional writing service.

In order to make your final choice of topic, you will need to take a few things into consideration.

Make it Unique

There are hardly any new ideas anymore, just new approaches or methodologies. Try to take an existing topic or one from someone else’s dissertation and go at the topic from a different angle or view it from a different perspective. You can also try basing it off of something current; something in the news that might relate to your field of study.

How to tell if an Idea is Dissertation-worthy

Here’s the most important question to ask yourself once you think you have a topic you want to do for your dissertation: do I want to think, breathe, eat and live this topic for the next year? Choosing something you are really passionate about will keep you saner longer during this stressful final year.

Get Other Opinions

Talk with your thesis advisor, other professors, friends, family, or anyone you trust about your ideas for a dissertation topic. Especially someone who knows well how passionate you are about your field of study and someone who can give good advice about what you might want to end up doing. You could also talk to someone uninvolved to compare their opinion, if you want a different take on things.

Whatever you decide to do, it’s a good idea to do some initial research to see if there is even enough material to support your idea. Keep remembering the reasons you love your field and why you are in school for this, to keep your motivation working. Writing a dissertation proposal is a lot of work, and prepares you for writing the actual dissertation. Put your heart into it, and your final goal of why you are doing this dissertation will keep you going through the hard days, when you really don’t want to work on it.