How To Write A Good Dissertation: A List Of Prompts

Your dissertation is the equivalent of a book; most have around three hundred pages.  It takes a long time to research and write that much.  And in most cases with dissertation, they will be published, which means you better have produced a well-written piece of work.  One way that you can improve you writing skill is to do writing prompts.  These are short questions or phrases that write a short essay on.  This can help you become a better writer and editor of your own work.  Doing these prompts will show you what you can fix in your writing, which will help you write a great dissertation and get your degree with ease.

Writing Prompts That Will Help You Write A Good Dissertation

  • If you could describe yourself in a quote, what would your quote be?
  • Think about other’s hardships, now imagine you had that hardship, how would you deal with something like that?
  • Write a manual about something that you excel at.
  • Imagine you are the founder of your school, what field of study would you consider your specialty?
  • Is there a personal experience that led to you studying this field?
  • How does the human brain works when it is depressed?
  • How do they come up with coursework and other studies that are used in schools?
  • What is the process that a company has to go through to recall a product?
  • Why do adults choose to go back to school?
  • How does the mind work to maintain and recall information?

This is just a few easy writing prompt that you can use as practice before you start to write your dissertation. You can also make you own up, pick a subject that interest you and then do the research and write a short essay on it.  After you have written a few of these prompts, start the revising and editing process.  This is an important tool that you will have to use in your dissertation.  Learning how to revise and edit is one way to ensure that your dissertation will be great.

After all the practice writing and editing, you can start to compose your dissertation.  Don’t use this as a way to procrastinate on writing your dissertation; this is just something that you can do to make yourself a better writer.  Stay focused, start early, do great research, and keep writing.