Is It Legal to Copy from Dissertation Examples Available Online?

The availability of online dissertation examples is widely known among college students, and all students have probably, at one time or another, considered using one of these examples on their own work. While it is perfectly fine to read the work and put it into your own words using your own thoughts, copying those dissertation examples directly from the website to your paper is not perfectly fine. In fact, doing this is illegal! Continue reading to learn more about dissertation and plagiarism.

Why Can’t I Copy Online Dissertation Examples?

When someone writes a piece, whether it is an article, a web page or a dissertation, that work becomes their property. Using this is called plagiarism, since they own all rights to the usage of the material. Plagiarism is highly frowned upon since it is essentially theft. If you copy someone else’s work then you are guilty as charged.

Copywriter laws are in place that protect the work of the author. Should it be determined that you have plagiarized material, prosecution could occur if you are not cooperative with those after it has been detected.

Save Yourself the Trouble

Rather than take the chance of getting caught with plagiarized material, or know that you are guilty of doing such, use these examples for their intended purpose only –as a guide. You can use the dissertation in a number of different ways. This includes:

  • Example dissertation papers found online can be used to give you ideas for your own paper. You can see other people’s point of views and opinions and this can be greatly beneficial, especially if you are on a right schedule.
  • If you are uncertain of the proper way to format the paper the examples are there to help you learn. There is no question you will have your paper under control with the examples being followed.
  • Find new words that you can use in your paper, as well as many other exciting thoughts that you may have not had before.
  • Ideas of introduction statements or closing ideas.

Use your Own material and Be Safe

Be sure that you never copy a paper that you see online. It is far easier to go ahead and do your homework the real way than to take these chances. It is plagiarism and it is stealing. You do not want to be guilty of either of these things, so why risk it?