Creating an Unusual Dissertation: Discussion and Conclusions

Academically speaking writing a dissertation is probably one of the most important accomplishments of your academic career. It is an intricate research project which will provide answers to an academic question or provide the research into further discussion of an academic question that existed before. Done well this is the point that a person moves from the role of student to that of a scholar. Dissertations have a number of required chapters or sections that need to be filled out completely in order to complete the project completely. This paper is going to focus on the discussion and conclusions sections and provide information on how to make each unique to your dissertation and make your project that much more memorable.

Lead a Unique Discussion

Many students get nervous when it comes to the discussion section of their dissertation and with good reason. This is the point in the paper where you spend time restating the existing thoughts about your subject and then explain how your research has added to the existing beliefs. This section clearly describes what exactly your findings are and why they are important to the academic area you are studying. To make this more unique and memorable a person can rely on the information to show how different it is, all on its own. This is very unlikely, so another tact is to make sure that your dissertation facts are displayed in a manner in which their validity can’t possibly be questioned. Don’t let the ideas of the past discourage your progress, often times self doubt creeps into the dissertation process for everyone. Overcoming this doubt is a part of the process, be confident in your presentation of facts and the truth will set you free.

Conclusion is Final

When you get to the point in your paper where you are writing your conclusion in your dissertation it should be a final statement of facts. As you have developed a thesis throughout the entire academic work this has to be driven home in this section. There is no room for conjecture or guessing, or extrapolation about the future. This is the point where you state clearly and completely for the world to read what exactly your dissertation is contributing to the world today. The value of your research should be evident and the support of your thesis should be unequaled. Many future scholars are going to have difficulty in expressing their ideas clearly, because they are insecure. To be considered a scholar there should be no hesitation and your conclusion needs to be stated clearly and evenly.