Writing A Dissertation Proposal Paper: 5 Fundamental Suggestions

When you are in college you will at some point in time be asked to prepare a good dissertation perhaps as a term paper or as the final paper that you present before you are considered for an award of the degree you were pursuing. The importance of the dissertation proposal lies in the fact that without it, you can never be allowed to do your project. Because of this reason therefore, it almost convincingly follows that if you write one of the best dissertation proposals so far, there is a good chance that your project will also pass. It is like laying the foundation for some good work.

Structure of the paper

There is a simple structure that this task is supposed to follow, and you would be well advised to follow it to the latter. Do not make the mistake of doing anything else other than that. Normally the paper is supposed to have a proper title, a very good salutation, introduction the literature review, the research methodology section and finally cap it off with preliminary sections. The preliminary sections include the references and the appendices if you have any.

Literature review

For your dissertation this is one of the most important parts of the paper. The reason for this is because there is so much that you will need to discuss here. You have to mention any literature from other writers who have discussed the same topic.

You must criticize or justify their work based on your own ideas and cite their work appropriately so that when someone is reading through your work, they can see an elaborate pattern to follow.

Research methods

This is the third chapter in your paper and it gives an accurate description of the plan you have in place, how you intend to carry out the research. It elaborates the data collection methods that you will use, elaborates the sampling techniques that you will use and so forth.


You must make sure that you have the proper citations in the paper. Lecturers are normally strict on the date of citations being used, so that you do not use anything that is considerably outdated for this task. At the same time, make sure that you work with the citation guidelines that have been provided; MLA, APA and the like.

Proper research

Finally always make sure that you devote as much time as possible into researching on this paper.