How to Hire a Good Dissertation Writer

You know you want a ‘good’ dissertation writer, but you’re not entirely sure what traits that person should have. Having a custom dissertation written is expensive, and you want to be sure that your money is going to someone who can do an excellent job. These simple guidelines can streamline the hiring process and help you choose the right person for the job.

Speak to past clients. There’s no greater indication of the quality of a writer than the opinions of their past clients. Plenty of people can write well – that’s not what you should be concerned about at this stage. Instead, ask former clients what it was like to deal with this writer as a professional. Was he or she on time, or were things often handed in late? Was he or she responsive to emails and phone calls, or did attempts to communicate go unanswered? In the professional writing game, talent isn’t enough; it’s crucial that you find someone reliable.

Ask for credentials. Does this person have any educational or publishing credentials? If your dissertation is on a very specialized topic, you should look for a writer with some sort of background in your field; he or she will be much better at using correct terminology and citing appropriate literature than an average writer. Follow up on some of your writer’s credentials as well – people who claim online to have earned degrees and published books aren’t always being truthful. A simple phone call to your writer’s Alma Mater will let you know if he or she is telling the truth. A more educated writer usually costs more, but is often worth the extra investment.

Review some writing samples. A person doesn’t write for a living without building up a fairly substantial body of work, and any writer should expect to present samples before being considered for a job. In all your time in school, you’ve probably at least skimmed a few papers published in your field. You know how they should look and sound. You should definitely be appraising writing samples for basic grammar and syntax, but be sure to check that your writer can use an appropriate writing style for your thesis.

Set up a secure payment plan. When spending money, you always want to be sure that you’re protected in case something goes awry. Even if your writer seems legit, it’s still a good idea to have a financial safety net in place. Never, ever hire a writer who demands to be paid in cash or by direct money transfer. Those kinds of payments cannot be traced or recovered if the writer decides to vanish with your money. The safest thing to do is find a writer who accept PayPal or the use of an Escrow service; this gives you a means to file a dispute and recover your money if the promised dissertation fails to materialize.