How To Choose A Strong & Original Topic For Your Dissertation

The first thing you will have to do when writing a college dissertation is to come up with a strong topic. Ideally, your topic will be one that you have already done considerable research on, and enjoy learning about. You will save yourself time if you already have a solid grounding in the field, and you will know where to go for resources and relevant sources.

It is especially important at this level of schooling that you choose a subject that truly fascinates you. A dissertation is a long and involved piece of academic work. There will naturally be days when your dissertation is getting you down, but overall you must keep yourself engaged at every step of the research and writing process. We always perform better academically when we have a genuine love of the subject we are learning.

If you need help choosing a topic for your dissertation, you can always consult with your course supervisor. In fact, you should be in close consultation with your adviser at every step of your college dissertation researching and writing process.

We have a few dissertation topic tips here to get you started.

Journals, Conferences And Online Resources

Search through the most recent issues of journals and magazines that are related to your field of study. It's a great way to bring yourself up to speed on the work that is currently being done around the world. You may be inspired by a peer's work, or have an idea for approaching a theory from your own unique perspective.

Also, you do not really want to be covering a topic that is already being worked on by several other students. Your college dissertation should have original elements to it. Online resources can be helpful here. Check out the blogs and chat rooms that are concerned with your area of study. You'll be accessing real time data about who is researching and writing what.

Real People!

Get together with your classmates and peers for study and brainstorming sessions. It is very likely that if you are struggling with an academic issue, there are others who are in the same boat. Bounce your ideas off each other, and ask for feedback when you are formulating your thesis.

You may even be able to share research notes and tasks and that will save everyone time and effort. Knowing that you are not alone in the struggle to produce the perfect dissertation can keep your spirits up as well!