Academic Paper Formatting Tips: Dissertation

Formatting your dissertation may include using guidelines given by your instructor. Guidelines can help put the formatting aspect into perspective. But, some students get lost trying to do this on their own, especially with little or no guidance from their instructor. In some cases you may not be given specifics on how to format a dissertation. The good news is there are basic elements to review that can help you format your project with ease. The following points can help you format your dissertation while paying attention to smaller details.

  • Check pages such as the title, acknowledgment, and approval pages for correct punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.
  • Make sure any abbreviations used are spelled correctly.
  • Check spelling, grammar, and word usage throughout the document.
  • Review spacing requirements for margins and line spacing. You can also check font size.
  • Page numbering aspects should be reviewed. Which page of your dissertation is actually considered the first page?
  • Tables and figures should be readable with legends and subheadings in necessary.
  • Bibliography and references should be spelled correctly and include required information. Make sure citations are not duplicated.

Additional Formatting Tips

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Review guidelines for your project carefully. This is important if you consider using samples online that may show how you can format your project. There are different ways to format a dissertation and your school may want you to follow a certain structure. There are well written samples online but they may not follow the same structure. When you get ready to format your project you could get confused on what is expected of you.

Get tips and advice from colleagues and your instructor. You may get a better idea on how to format your content when you work closely with colleagues. There are students that know how to format a paper like they know the back of their hand. Students with great writing skills may have a few tips they can offer about how to format a dissertation.