Where To Find An Example Of A Master's Dissertation Methodology: 5 Places To Check

The methodology that you use when you are writing your Master’s dissertation is one of the key areas where teachers often look into. This is the one place where they can determine whether you wrote the paper on your own or not. The reason for this is because a student who did not write this section of their work will in most cases struggle to adhere to some simple guidelines.

In fact, when asked a really simple question about the methodology, chances are high that the student could end up failing.

If you are looking to present one of the finest methodologies for your work, the following are some of the places that you need to consider when looking for a good sample paper:

  • Check online databases
  • Visit the library for stored samples
  • Ask a friend for samples
  • Discuss with your teacher
  • Source samples from freelance providers

Check online databases

You can literally find lots of samples online. All these are available in lots of the databases from where writers and students alike have been using them as reference over the years. By paying attention to some of these example papers, there is a good chance that you will have all the knowledge that you need to help you get a really good paper presented to your teacher.

Visit the library for stored samples

Your school library is also another place where you can find the methodology papers that you need. Herein you will find good papers that have been kept for years, all of which are of the finest quality you will ever come across. The library only keeps some of the best papers ever written.

Ask a friend for samples

You probably have some friends who have been through this learning stage before, or some who are in the same situation as yourself, but they already have some good example papers, so get in touch with them for help.

Discuss with your teacher

You will need to try and speak to your teacher to help you find one or two example papers that can assist you as you attempt to deliver a good methodology section.

Source samples from freelance providers

If all else fails, you still have the option of reaching online to some of the freelance providers that are available and ask them to help you out.